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Guide for Visitors to Enjoy and Explore Penang

Today Penang Island is a major tourist destination, where travelers experience unique blend of different cultures, enjoy delicious food and stunning beaches along with exploring old city enclaves and heritage sites.

Penang offers amazing cultural heritage which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is a great place where travelers can do a lot of interesting things and visit many attractive places. Choose a reliable Penang tour agent for booking tickets and hotels and enjoy famous attractions of Penang. Below are some of the famous places to visit in Penang:

Climb up Penang Hill:
Penang Hill, Bukit Bendera is a popular tourist spot where travelers can reach using Penang Hill Railway. This rail carries 80 passengers per trip and brings passengers at the top of Penang Hill. This hill is also accessible through jeep track. This track is most commonly used by residents of the hill.

Batu Ferringhi Night Market:
This Night Bazaar has transformed into a night market where travelers can find more than 1000 stalls for shopping. Shopping addicts find goods ranging from clothes to paintings and a lot more.

Visit Gurney Drive:
Gurney Drive is famous for its mouth watering dishes. This sight is famous for beautiful view of the sunset. Besides the Georgetown City, there is a sea of Penang that gives travelers a relaxing experience. Gurney Shopping Center is one of the famous shopping spot in Penang where products of popular brands are available.

Shopping options:
Penang is famous as the biggest shopping destination with more than 400 local and international shops. Travelers can enjoy shopping here at competitive prices.

Visit to KOMTAR:
KOMTAR is the tallest building in Penang and an important landmark that houses government offices, shopping complexes, hotels and exhibition center. While visiting to KOMTAR, travelers can enjoy the fascinating view of the whole Penang Island.

Ride a ferry from Butterworth:
A ferry ride from Butterworth gives a good opportunity for travelers to enjoy a magnificent landscape. Butterworth provides a good photo opportunity for travelers to enjoy natural beauty.

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Top 7 Attractions in Penang

Penang is a turtle-shaped island, famous for its landmarks, history, colonial mansions, temples and delicious cuisines of multi cultures. Penang is also famous for its sandy beaches, stunning resorts and vibrant shopping malls. Travelers often plan to visit there during holidays. Travelers book a Penang tour package to enjoy its beautiful sights and attractions. Below are top seven attractions in Penang:

UNESCO World Heritage:
This is the most prominent landmark in Penang. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion is a famous landmark here. In its surroundings, Jalan Penang and Lebuh Chulia are packed with stunning colonial and Chinese heritage buildings with wonderful temples.

Penang Butterfly Farm:
Penang Butterfly Farm is one of the world’s largest Farms with thousands of colorful butterflies. There are 120 species of butterflies in this farm, fluttering around that is a charming experience.

Batu Ferringhi Beach:
Batu Ferringhi Beach is a home of numerous hotels and inns and it is one of the most popular beaches. This spot gives a beautiful view of the Penang sunset. The colors of the sea, sky and sunset at evening give beautiful view. People capture those changes in colors in their cameras to bring beautiful memories back with them. Usually, people include Batu Ferringhi beach visit in their Penang tour package.

Temple of Supreme Bliss:
This is the largest Buddhist temple that consists of series of monasteries, prayer halls and beautiful gardens. Many people who belong to Buddhism visit this temple for prayers.

Snake temple:
This is a Buddhist temple with a lot of snakes. Previously, snakes were found in the surroundings hills, but now those hills have destroyed. People believe that due to destruction of habitat, snakes made this temple their shelter. Wardens say that constant smoke burning incense makes the snakes harmless, as a result, people get great photo opportunity.

Views from Penang Hill:
Penang hill is about 800 meters above the surface of earth that gives beautiful views of the entire city. Penang Hill is famous among locals who come here to enjoy the cooler climate. There are many ways to reach at the hill. One way is via rail, second is via jeep and the third is via hiking trails. Travelers can enjoy the stunning views of Georgetown from this Hill.

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5 Best Activities to Do In Penang

Penang offers plenty of attractions and adventure activities for travelers to spend a great and memorable time in Penang. Travelers choose their preferred travel package to experience the most favorable attractions in short span of time. There are many modern as well as cultural attractions, family friendly amusement parks and a lot more to enjoy. Majority of the travelers choose daytime activities that usually involves beach for sunbathing and swimming.

Read on to know some other daytime activities that will turn your Penang tour into a fun filled adventure and book your favorite travel package from a well known Penang tour agency.

Penang Hill Train:
Penang’s Hill train is one of the most iconic attractions that give some great views over Penang from 2750 ft above ground level. In 2010, this funicular train turned into an electric system.

Escape Adventure play:
This is one of the favorite adventures in Penang that consists of a pulley suspended on a stainless steel cable and tied between two trees on an incline, a free fall from 20 m height. This park remains open on a public holiday. If you visit with children, Escape adventure play is the perfect choice to enjoy.

Made in Penang Interactive Museum:
Most of the people think that museums are boring and old fashioned places with some art stuff. The Made in Penang Museum is full of fun for people of all ages and an exciting platform to view artwork. A portrait of the Penang Snake Temple gives an exciting opportunity to view artwork and allows visitors to take close interactive photos with them. Artists have used different colors in depicting arts in this museum that give a remarkable view while capturing those views in photos.

Adventure zone theme park:
With plenty of offerings for children as well as youngsters, there are more than 30 fun and adventure activities that are divided into three zones. One is special features section, other is kids section and the third one is toddler section, equipped with advanced equipments. There are series of slides that include Astra slide and double drop slide. These two slides are designed for children. A 24 ft big drop slight is perfect for all ages.

In the kids’ area, there are ladder climbs, swinging steps, pull up ramps and hurdles etc while in the toddler section, there are padded ramps, climb, and tumble towers.

East Wind Water sports:
Water sports offer a good array of seaside activities to float, sail, paddle and dive under or over the sea. Professionals available there offer safety first attitudes to keep visitors happy and safe.

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Penang Tour Package: Visit Beautiful Attractions of Penang

Penang is one of the beautiful states in Malaysia, where tourists visit from various parts of the world. Its capital, George Town with it’s extravagant beaches gives the tourist a terrific experience. There are many others worth visiting places and activities to do in Penang that make travelers experience outstanding.

Penang is full of culture and traditions of multiple nations. It is also known as food capital of Malaysia. In George Town, most of the people are Chinese and is also a veritable city for looking back into Penang’s past. There are various Indian and Chinese temples in the city and old fashioned little shops, hotels and some other urban facilities.

Penang national park is the newest park in Malaysia that is the most beautiful. Even though this park is not big but it has more than 40 species of birds. The park contains variety of biological species including the best hardwood trees. It is known as the one and only park where the Glem tree grows. This park also has a beautiful lake.

Vibrant seafront is a magnificent point of high-end cuisine and street food. Hawker stalls of foods are available here that delight the visitors at night. All non-halal and halal foods are easily found in this city. All types of healthy foods are available here. Even health conscious persons can find food of their choice here easily.

One of the five clan houses in Penang is Kho kongsi, which has immigrants from china. This small clan village has the same resemblance with popular Chinese legends and dragons as there are same types of house construction, decorated with carvings of dragons at the top of house. The grand hall has a collection of pillars that are designed by expert craftsmen from China.

People like to visit Penang due to its famous attractions that please visitors. They book Penang tour package to enjoy the pleasures of Penang. There are beaches, shopping malls, adventure spots and a lot more to enjoy. If you want to spend remarkable time with your family in Penang, book Penang tour package today.

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Which Are The Best Places To Enjoy In Langkawi Travel?

Many people spend their holidays at some marvelous place. If you choose Langkawi travel, you should know that Malaysian transportation law is to drive on the left side of the road. If you are not used to left side driving, better is to hire a taxi. If you are familiar with left side driving, rent a car is also a good choice. Or you can hire a driver too for safe Langkawi travel while getting around the island.

If you have arranged a tour package with the hotel you will enjoy more as proper guidance will be provided to you to enjoy and travel around the langkawi. You can visit to Cenang beach where bicycles are also available for short distances to purchase anything from the roadside shops.

Island Attractions:

Most of the people plan for Langkawi travel for beaches. It’s the main feature that attracts visitors from all the nooks and corners of the world. Booze, cigarettes and confectionery are available here at very cheaper rates. You can also enjoy at the duty free complex “Zon” next to underwater world on the Cenang. For shopping, there are many malls around kuah where a wide variety of products are available.

The Oriental village:

It is a popular destination at Pentai Kok. There are Japanese houses and man-made cultural segment that is stunning with oriental inspired shops and restaurants.

There is a zoo that is a children’s favorite spot where thousands of rabbits and baby rabbits hop around. Children enjoy there a lot and purchase Pet feed to give them.

Cable car ride is another attraction in this oriental village that ride up the Gunung Mat Cincang. After reaching at the peak, you can enjoy the finest view of the vast ocean that surrounds the island.

The nightlife on Cenang is also vibrant that make your langkawi travel remarkable.  There are many seafood restaurants, bars, beach-bars, to enjoy delicious food. The beautiful moment of your langkawi travel on the beach is the scene of the sun set. People enjoy a lot that time and make photos to capture the beautiful moments of their trip.

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Tourist Guide to Spend Great Time in Langkawi

Langkawi is a famous tourist attraction in Malaysia. Each tourist area has a unique attraction that you can choose according to your personality and travel style. Moreover, there are many Langkawi hotels for both luxury and budget travelers. All the travelers who want an  appropriate guide about attractions, hotels, and more can get help from a famous travel agency. There are many popular attractions in Langkawi among them some are:

Pantai Cenang:

There are thousands of restaurants, bars, cafes, spas and a lot more in Langkawi. Cenang is the classic tropical island that remains crowded in peak seasons. Backpackers, beach lovers, and wild life lovers prefer to visit this place. It is a safe place and families can visit with children to enjoy wildlife here.

Pantai Tengah:

This place is calm, quiet, and more elegant. There are many affordable hotels too. Langkawi travel is best for those having limited budget as Langkawi hotel is a budget hotel that offer unique experience. Hotels in Langkawi offer all the advanced facilities.

Tengah is much more appropriate for families, couples, and for travelers having a limited budget. It is one of the famous attractions that are pleasant and romantic as well a with lovely beaches.

Burau Bay:

This destination is famous for water sports activities. Two budget resorts are available here and an amazing rainforest reserve that offers lots of fabulous nature activities. It is a recommended place for families, honeymooners, nature lovers and water sports.

Datai Bay and Tanjung Rhu:

Langkawi is famous for beaches that provide an outstanding experience. Datai Bay and Tanjung Rhu are the two beaches that offer amazing experience to travelers. Many hotels are available there that offer all luxurious facilities. The resorts at Datai Bay are surrounded by dense virgin rainforest that attracts nature lovers. Many families prefer to visit here as this place have great children’s activity centers and separate family swimming pools. Moreover, Langkawi hotel available there is also suitable for travelers.


Kuah is one of the best places for backpackers and budget travelers. It offers cheap lodging, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, and a lot more. Langkawi hotel is affordable that suits to budget travelers. Luxurious hotels are also available here that offer amazing and unique facilities.

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Why Tourists Prefer Travel To Penang?

Penang Island is one of the major tourist destinations in Malaysia. People from all over the world prefer Penang travel to experience its blend of different cultures, taste food, enjoy on its beaches, and explore its old city enclaves and its heritage sites as these are the attractions that has made Penang famous and a popular tourist destination.

It is located at northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia and surrounded by Strait of Malacca. The Penang’s capital is called Georgetown. The Penang state comprises Penang Island and Province Wellesley. Seberang Perai is two-and-a-half times bigger than Penang Island in size, its population (which is 54%) is slightly more than that of the island.

The name “Penang” itself comes from the old name of Malay island, Pulau Pinang. The locals still call it Penang these days, when speaking in English, though you may find that outside the English-speaking world, the island is known as “Pinang”.

The sea, consisting of the North and in the South, separates Penang Island from Seberang Perai. So these two halves of Penang are connected by a long Penang Bridge, it is the longest bridge in Malaysia and one of the longest in Asia. It was built almost twenty years ago. The traffic has been exceeding rapidly on the Penang Bridge, and that resulting in regular jams therefore, there is a need to plan for a second bridge at Penang, even longer than the current bridge.

Common languages used by Penang citizen are English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, Hokkien and Teochew. It is a truly magnificent and amazing Penang travel. Penang is surrounded by its attractive colonial buildings along gleaming temples, Mosques, and a lot more that attracts tourists.

So Penang travel is more exciting these days than before.If you’ve had enough of the concrete jungle, and you want to break through in the lap of nature, the Penang travel towards National Park is a place, where you should visit. Numerous Penang travel packages include majestic park. A heads up for all nature trippers and animal lovers, keep your camera handy! A natural park holding a wide range of wildlife, from sea turtles to kites and eagles. Another fantasy oriented place to visit would be the Penang butterfly farm, where all your fairy tales come to life. A land filled with colorful winged beauties awaits your presence.

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