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New Trend Of Overseas Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is perhaps the most important day of your life and couples want to capture the beautiful memories of this special day by a professional photographer. The photographs can be categorized into three parts morning, afternoon and evening. The morning photographs usually consist of the pre wedding preparations such as the bride getting dressed and putting her makeup and group shots with the bridesmaids. In the afternoon, the big ceremony of wedding starts and photographer captures the beautiful moments of the wedding ceremony. In the afternoon, photographer takes informal photos of the happy couple.

In Singapore, china, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, greater importance is given to the pre wedding photography rather than actual wedding day. Pre wedding photographs are often taken weeks and months in advance. Couple chooses the beautiful gowns and suits and after getting ready by a makeup artist the couple will be taken by the photographer for pre wedding photo shoot at some dazzling location.

There are many famous places for wedding photography in Singapore and Malaysia. People from the nearby countries visit Singapore for wedding photography due to amazing attractions best suited for pre wedding photography.

Destination wedding photography is a recent trend, gaining popularity in Asia. Moreover, pre wedding photography in Singapore is also very popular there. Couples want to go overseas for their pre wedding photography. Many couples from Malaysia and nearby countries visit Singapore for their pre wedding photography.

The most important thing to consider for best photography results is to choose a professional photographer. There are many things to consider before hiring them. The wedding photographer must be professional with a lot of experience. An experienced photographer can guide you well about the best styles of wedding photography.

There are many destinations in Singapore for wedding photography that couple can choose according to their preference. It may be any beautiful garden, watery place or any other. There are numerous places specific for pre wedding photography in Singapore and couples get amazing results in their outdoor photo shoot.

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Upcoming Trend of Photo Booths in Wedding Photography

Brides and wedding photography professionals have a real need of updated knowledge about all the things related to wedding photography latest styles and trends as their business depends on the updated information. Trends of wedding photography keep on changes with time. Now, the latest trend is of wedding photography photo booth.

The old rituals of a wedding ceremony are becoming outdated with time. Now, you can give something exciting to your guests by installing a photo booth at your wedding. It can make your wedding day exciting and even more memorable.


Other than hiring a photo booth, hire a wedding photographer to get the best photography results. Whether you are in Singapore or anywhere else, wedding photographer can make your wedding ceremony remarkable through its excellent services, however, hiring a professional expert is mandatory.

Along with hiring a wedding photographer in Singapore, the trend of hiring photo booths at a wedding is also rising rapidly. After hiring a photo booth, you can choose from a wide variety of options to sync it with the theme of wedding. Back ground can also be replaced by any other location by a professional photo editor.

The new trend of hiring photo booths is becoming a wedding standard due to instant delivery of pictures. People prefer to hire both a photo booth as well as wedding photographer to capture the moments of their special day. The brides even ask the guests to sign each of the photographs to make the wedding album more special.

In Singapore, there are numerous wedding photographers expert in professional photography. Hire a professional wedding photographer for your special day. Get some references of a professional photographer and prefer to hire a service provider, which is near to your location.

Make advance bookings for professional wedding photographer in Singapore as good photographers are in great demand and they would have booking anywhere else on the same date when you need their services. Therefore, always make advance bookings. Moreover, advance booking options can make easier to find a reliable service provider at low costs.

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Best Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Locations In Singapore

Magnificent gardens, historical sites, modern landscapes and a lot more, there are many amazing locations for pre wedding photography in Singapore. Singapore is the famous place for photography as there are a wide variety of beautiful places whatever taste and style you want for your wedding photos.

Henderson Waves:
With the ravishing architecture of the Henderson Bridge, your pre wedding photo shoot will have a sophisticated style in your photographs. The stunning curves of this bridge add some artistic values to your photographs. The greenery behind this bridge gives a more stunning look to your photographs.

During the night time, LED lights give a very good photography experience as the lights are switched on and constantly change their color. If you schedule your photo shoot at 7 pm, you can have photographs in the evening when sun romantically sets.

Singapore Flyer:
For a luxurious and glamorous touch to your pre wedding photo shoot, Singapore flyer is the great location. Singapore Flyer can be used as a backdrop for your pre wedding photography in Singapore.

Hort Park:
At Hort Park, there are 21 different themed gardens which give a lively and joyful touch to your pictures.

For classic pre wedding photography in Singapore, Silver garden is the perfect place as it has only silver, gray and white plants bloom. For the photo shoot at some colorful collection of plants, enchanting garden of seasons is the right choice.

Labrador Park:
The Labrador Park has a lot of green flora and fauna and an astonishing view of the sea. For history lovers, this place is the perfect choice.

Upper Seletor Reservoir:
This location is perfect for a picnic themed photo shoot. You can have a fun time here. Other than this reservoir, Mandai Orchid Garden, Singapore zoo and Night Safari are also located near the reservoir where you can have pre wedding photo shoot.

Marina Bay Area:
The Marina Bay Area gives a classic and luxurious style to your pre wedding photographs. The architectural designs of buildings, national museum, Anderson Bridge can add a romantic feel to your pre wedding photographs.

Other than beautiful locations, having a professional pre wedding photographer is of huge significance to have stunning photographs.

Unforgettable Pre Wedding Photography

A time before the wedding is a precious time to have some beautiful memories with your partner. To capture those moments, there is a great trend of pre wedding photography in Singapore other than an engagement photo session. A pre wedding photography session captures the beautiful moments of the couple before their wedding day at some splendid destination.

Now, the trend of typical photo shoot of engagement has become outdated. The new trend focuses on taking fresh, creative and unique pictures showing the couple having fun. To do this, special locations are decided according to the couple’s choice and the photographer takes pictures in an artistic manner.

Some couple like to have pre wedding photography in Singapore’s golf clubs, museums and parks. The pre wedding photography in Singapore captures the spark of young love.

This photo session involves casual photo-shoot with striking ideas. The couple gives a variety of ideas of their choice. In Singapore, some couples want to have pre wedding photography at the place of their first date. Some prefer a crowded place while some want to have pre wedding photography in a calm atmospehere.

Hiring a professional pre wedding photographer is quite important to fulfill the purpose of having a special photo album. An unprofessional photographer can ruin all the plan, therefore, make sure you are going to hire a professional photographer.

A pre wedding photography session allows the couple to remember the life prior to wedding after a couple of years of their wedding. In Singapore, the couple gives importance to pre wedding photography session to have an unforgettable beautiful memories of their love.

Through their portfolio and client reviews, a couple can judge well about a professional pre wedding photographer in Singapore and the rest of the world.

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