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Custom T Shirts: A Promotional Opportunity For Businesses

Custom T shirts have been popular as a marketing tool for years. The popularity of the customized T shirts is due to its effectiveness in the world as an outstanding marketing tool. Making the people aware is the first objective to achieve goals of promoting your brand that has become possible using custom T shirts. Before launching your brand, you can employ custom t shirts technique to create curiosity for the brand coming soon.

In this technique, you identify your target audience and use printed T shirts in the events where your target audience will be present. Moreover, customized T shirts sustain and keep your products alive in the minds of customers. The increased demand of custom T shirts has also increased the demands of customized T shirt supplier in the market. There are many custom T shirt suppliers in the market. However, you need to choose a professional company that could provide the preferred customized T shirts.

Screen printing is gaining popularity among business minded individuals for marketing purpose. You can choose company logo on T shirts for your productive purpose. There are experienced designers that fulfill your screen printing demands. They choose colors and designs after detailed discussions with the client and their preferences. You should choose a professional customized T shirt supplier that could provide high quality fabric and outstanding services.

Marketing strategy using customized T shirts is matchless to fulfill advertising ambitions. This advertising approach is more popular among professional community due to less costs involved in it and more rewards you get in your business awareness.

Wearing a T shirt with your branded logo on it become a walking ad for your product that silently announce the striking features that you want to convey to your target audience. As a result, you get increase in revenue as your introduced brand starts to achieve its selling targets.

To achieve the desired goals, choose a professional customized T shirt supplier company in Malaysia. If you are looking for a professional company, you can contact “Orensport” a famous company in Malaysia that is providing customized T shirts and a lot more services to cater your business goals. You can get embroidery services, customized T shirts, good quality uniforms and a lot more from “Orensport”.


Screen Printing Shirts

Screen printing is an easy method of applying a given design to a desired garment.  Silk printing has become very popular on materials and garments. There is a great demand of silk printing services, especially on T shirts that are a popular and commonly worn garment. This method is used in textile industry for decorating shirts and making them more appealing. Many businesses make use of silk printing services to get more attractive T shirts for their employees that is an important way to promote your brand and to have a professional image.

Many companies supply shirts and T shirts with screen printing for the purpose of advertising their products. Screen printing shirts employs a method of copying your preferred design onto a garment with the use of specialized inks. Screen printing involves stencil printing method. First of all, a fine silk is stretched over a wooden or metal frame and then using steel wire gauze or plastic screens, designs are applied with a greasy medium like ink or paint. After that water soluble gum is applied on the surface, which closes the pores of the silk. The greasy material rejects the gum which is washed away with a solvent such as turpentine. The screen is used to decorate the surface. Ink is applied to the screen; as a result, the design is printed onto the surface.

Today, there are many specialized companies that are providing screen printing services to the potential customers. These companies are providing customized T shirts in lots of designs and styles. Screen printing is the best way to make a good looking wear without spending a lot of money.

The need is to choose a professional company for screen printing to get the high quality services. There are a lot of companies that are providing screen printing services but a professional company can provide unique and remarkable services.

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Importance of Customized T-Shirts

Everyone wears T shirts. Some wear it for comfort, some wear for advertisement and some wear them to give a stylish look. These shirts are found in a wide variety. Some are embroidered while some have logo that is normally used to advertise for someone.


Many business owners for the purpose of business promotion use customized T shirts for their employees. T shirt advertising is superb for getting the word out. The use of customized T shirts for advertisement is gaining popularity day by day due to the evidence of its effectiveness.

There are T shirts with a Christian or inspirational messages that are commonly demanded by customized T shirt supplier. A small business owner can get the word out about a product or service using customized T shirts that gives identity of their products and services.

Many customized T shirt suppliers are available all across the world to deliver custom T shirts. In Malaysia, “Oren sport” is a popular customized T shirt supplier to provide quality services to its valuable customers.

Pictures speak louder than words. There are many advertising methods to promote the products but the message that your customized T shirt conveys, give lasting impressions. However, make sure the company you choose for these customized T shirts provide quality products. Make sure the use of fabric is of high quality. It is better to hire the customized T shirt supplier through some reference. Customer reviews also play a great role to choose the right company.

The corporate image of your brand has substantial benefit when your staff wears a uniform T shirt to greet your customers. The style and color of the customized T shirts have a psychological impact on your employees’ act and customers’ reaction.

The right clothes improve staff morale and customers pay respect to the corporate wear. Businessmen choose their preferred logo and color of the shirt for their corporate image. Choose the durable and high quality fabric for customized T shirts to have an impressive image of your brand.

There is a lot of technology in fabrics today. Some include No shrink, stain resistance, wrinkle resistance, and many more. If you are looking for a reliable company that provides high quality customized T shirts, contact “Oren sport” that is a famous customized T shirt supplier in Malaysia. The high quality services, use of good fabric, on time delivery are the values of “Oren sport” that sets them apart from others.

Keys to Choose the Right Uniform Supplier

A number of suppliers are available to provide the best corporate clothing but unfortunately every supplier is not perfect. Therefore, before the purchase of uniforms and corporate clothing for your employees in Malaysia or anywhere else, you should know your uniform supplier well and quality of their work. Moreover, you should also know what to look for in a qualified supplier. Here are some keys to choose the right uniform supplier:

Company’s history and prior work record:

Having the knowledge of the company’s history and previous work quality is extremely important to reach at the right decision. Read testimonials and online forums to collect information from previous customers. If the company is committed to the customers, provide high quality service and develop professional relationships with the client, such companies are better to choose. Call the company’s customer service line to find out how they address the customers in a variety of situations. Check whether they are willing to help if any problem arises with the products.

Types of products available:

The uniform supplier you choose should have a wide collection of clothing in different unique styles as it helps to fulfill all your clothing requirements from a single company. Otherwise, you will need to have more than one supplier for different requirements.

Quality of the products:

Other than comfort and style, quality is another factor to consider for corporate clothing. The fabric should be easy to clean, durable and strong. It should be wrinkle free as employees will wear it for at least 8 hours every day.

The uniform supplier you choose should have a professional attitude. They should be cooperative and should guide their clients well in case of any related problem. It is very important for them to be professional and provide the products on time. Ask the right questions before deciding the right uniform supplier in Malaysia or elsewhere.

Your right selection of uniform supplier in Malaysia can be advantageous as you will get quality products without any delay. It helps in presenting the best image of your business.

“Orensport” is a famous uniform supplier company in Malaysia with a large number of customers. It believes in providing quality products, on time solution and remarkable services. If you want to get peace of mind and quality uniforms, “Orensport” is the right choice. It is a professional company that has an excellent record of services. You can check their websites and contact them for the best uniforms.

Let Your Professional Uniform Speak Professionalism

Wearing a neat and proper uniform is one of the professional characters to display a professional look. Uniforms must be practical, smart, and should give a professional image. It should be impressive, safe to wear, boost self confidence and trust of clientele. Furthermore, a uniform should provide comfort and mobility to the wearer. To get all the features of a professional uniform, it is necessary to take the services of a professional Uniform supplier in Malaysia as they provide high quality uniforms to their clients.

A good uniform gives a professional image which always depicts identification for security purposes such as uniforms of Army, Air force, Navy, Paragliding, uniforms of X-Rays radiology and a lot more. Moreover, it boosts client trust and confidence.

A uniform should be durable enough to withstand decontamination. It should be easily washable and resistant to staining. Smart uniforms play a great role in providing professional image of employees. Uniform of health care profession such as nurses, depicts a caring professional image.

A number of companies have specialization in manufacturing and supply of professional uniforms to different organizations. According to the budget, design and requirement of the client, Uniform supplier in Malaysia supply a variety of uniforms to various organizations.

Types of uniforms that are manufactured include:

  • Caps
  • Season specific Uniforms
  • Uniforms for indoor employees
  • Uniforms for outdoor employees
  • Company logo and non logo based uniforms

The key factors to consider while choosing the right uniform supplier in Malaysia are:

  • Costs
  • Delivery times and other details
  • Quality and type of fabric used for your uniforms
  • To ensure highest levels of quality in the use of fabric

The quality of uniform shows the professional image of the Organization and the entire business. For smart professional appearance of uniform with the use of high quality fabric, “Orensport” is the choice of professionals.