Important Modules and Functions of Accounting Software

acounting software

Every new or well established business need to perform the challenging job of maintaining their accounts. Accounting software can save money by managing different aspects of your business efficiently.

Choosing the right software can be a difficult task. Every business does not get benefit from the same accounting software. There are different types of software that are available. Accounting software makes accounting process very simple for businesses.

The detailed requirements about accounting software you need depends on the type of business. Some of the details about accounting software are as follows:

Basic bookkeeping:
This feature of accounting software records all sales, purchasing and invoicing.

VAT calculations:
VAT is a value added tax that is collected based on the value added at each stage of production. This feature keeps track of VAT and calculate your VAT.

Payroll processing:
This function of accounting software calculates salary as well as bonus or deductions. This also helps in preparing internal management reports periodically.

Accounting software programs include invoicing function. These programs generate invoices with the option of tailoring them to your desired appearance.

Credit control:
This feature highlights when customers exceeded their limits and provide details to chase them.

Stock control:
Stock control is an important software feature to control stock. It gives a clear picture of sold and remaining products.

Accounting software records and maintains accounting transactions. Software packages consist of various modules or sections. Some of the accounting software modules are as follows:

Accounts payable:
This module of accounting software helps when you receive an invoice. These invoices help in keeping record of money that suppliers or any other concerned persons have to pay.

Accounts receivable:
This aspect of accounting software deals with billing of products and services.

General ledger:
This module of accounting software gives overall summary of all the company transactions.

Choose accounting software that fulfills your business needs. A right selection of software ensures that business software is fulfilling all your accounting business requirements. Selection of a reputable company that provides quality products is also important. Million is a famous company in Malaysia that provides business software solutions with support. It has a proven record of good customer reviews. A lot of small companies are using their software solutions. You can choose this company to ensure that you are not compromising on quality.



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