How AFIS Fingerprint System Is Beneficial For Enterprises?

AFIS fingerprint

Uses of AFIS fingerprint identification systems have become common all over the world. Many small as well as large businesses and law enforcement agencies use biometric systems to secure their premises. A wide variety of devices are available in the market that is used for various security purposes. Biometric time attendance systems are also used to keep a check of employees’ attendance.

In biometric technology, there is no need to use keys or remember passwords, as use of human unique features are used as a key to enter into secured premises. Biometric AFIS fingerprint systems and other biometric access control systems allow only authorized people to enter into the premises by matching their features with the database.

With the passage of time, AFIS is getting faster and faster and matching algorithms get more advanced and better. Companies are getting great benefits of these advanced AFIS fingerprint and other biometric security systems all over the world.

The most important feature of a fingerprint is that a fingerprint is unique throughout the world. Fingerprint systems do not just take prints of finger tips but also take prints from palms and sides of the hand. If someone gets his/her finger injured or cut, then other sides of hand can provide authenticity of a person.

Fingerprints are an easy biometric system therefore, these are used in many applications of our everyday lives, other than of legal matters. In legal matters, fingerprints are used since ancient times when there was a trend of using ink pad and thumb for taking thumb impression. These fingerprints were used in finding criminals and for various other purposes. Now, the system has become advanced and new devices have introduced that can easily capture fingerprints by just pressing thumb on the biometric fingerprint identification device for identification and authentication.

Fingerprint machines match fingerprint with the database to allow or prevent access to certain premises. These AFIS fingerprint systems can be used for protecting lab, dangerous areas, offices, and even homes.

An important thing to consider for buying AFIS fingerprint devices is the selection of right company. Many companies are providing biometric products all over the world, but all of them are not reliable. “Yasmin Teknologi” is a famous company in Malaysia that offers quality biometric products. Contact this company for reliable products.


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