Thread Lift: Effective Solution for Men’s Youthful Appearance

The idea that only women are concerned about their looks is a myth. In the fashion world, it is clear that men also want to look their best just like women do. There is no distinction of age as both old and young men are concerned about their appearance. Every man and woman that starts to experience signs of aging try to find a way to look younger.

Contour thread lift is a very appealing procedure for most men in which tiny barbed threads are inserted beneath the skin surface to give a tighter and more youthful look. This is a quick procedure with minimal recovery time.

Contour thread lift is ideal for men that give them ten years younger look. This treatment gives a natural look and most people will not even suspect that a person has had a thread lift.

Many mature adults who want to reduce their weight have fear of sagging skin on losing weight because their skin is losing collagen. No doubt, weight loss can indeed cause sagging skin in older people.

Benefits of Thread lift are:

  1. No general anesthesia
  2. No scars
  3. Affordable
  4. Natural look
  5. Downtime of just 24 hours

Thread lift control aging skin by lifting sagging cheeks and jowls can give 5 to 10 year younger look that improve individuals’ self esteem. Fillers are in demand to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, folds and for restoring the youthful facial volume. New treatments keep on introducing day by day that improve aesthetic treatments.

Recently, a relatively new treatment has introduced in non-surgical aesthetic treatments that involves the use of biodegradable threads for lifting and tightening the loose and sagging skin. PDO thread lift is usually used for lifting eyebrows, cheeks, and jaw line. This treatment is known with some different names such as Silhouette lift or contour thread Face lift. There are many clinics that provide aesthetic treatments. But, there is a need to find a reputable clinic that have a team of professionals to get outstanding and safe treatment results.

 “Pinnaclefigure” is a famous clinic for aesthetic treatments with a team of professionals in Malaysia. If you are looking for a reputable clinic for safe and effective results, contact this clinic today.



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