How Biometric Access Control Is Useful For High End Security Solutions?

With rapid advancement in technology, advanced business security solutions have been introduced, that are helping busineses in making their office premises more secure. Biometric access control is the latest high-end security solutions for securing particular premises. This is an ultimate solution of security. High-end facial recognition, AFIS system, Iris recognition and face recognition technology is used in the form of advanced applications for access control. Now, high-end facial recognition has also become possible with the help of latest technology of biometric access control.

Access control gives fast and smart door access that is excessively used by companies all across the globe. Biometric safety solutions are also available for banking and retail sectors for better security.

This advanced biometric technology is playing a great role in business security and personal identity of individuals. Integration of corporate security systems based on these advanced biometric identification system is providing great benefits to organizations.

Biometric systems can track visitors’ entry and exit in the premises of the office using the face recognition or fingerprint identification system. These are advanced systems that provide safe and effective security solutions and ensure business security.

Another famous biometric device is a time keeping device with advanced features that are used by organizations for recording employee In and Out times, without the need for punching of access cards. Time attendance system using biometric features are much effective that have reduced workload of HR in managing and keeping time record that helps in salary calculation.

Biometric technology uses physical traits that are unique from individual to individual.

  1. Fingerprint is unique for all people.
  2. Palm print is another trait that does not match with any other.
  3. Face recognition is another biometric technology that is used mostly on airports.
  4. In face recognition, distance between eyes, nose and ear along with size of facial features are measured.
  5. Behavioral Traits are also used to identify a person.

There are so many systems already in the market that are famous for securing premises. Many companies are providing biometric products all over the world. Getting products from a reputable company is a wise decision. “Yasmin Taknologi” is a famous company in Malaysia that provides good quality biometric products. Get quality biometric products with advanced features from this company.



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