Difference Between Accounting And Finance Degree?

When it comes to choosing a degree, Students often get confused in the name and title of the degree and want to know exactly what it involves. Accounting is a part of finance, while finance is broader and complex than accounting.

Accounting involves recording transactions, preparing and analyzing financial statements to have a clear overview of financial status of a company. This is perfect way to measure performance of a company.

Responsibilities of an accountant include checking of check books, journals, and generation of financial statements, balance sheets, income declarations, and profit and loss accounts.

Courses of bachelor or master in accounting include financial reporting, business taxation, auditing, and financial planning. An accounting degree allows students to learn important insights related to fraud detection, use of modern technology and analytical tools to compare accounting data.

Finance deals with financing and budget decisions within a company to achieve business goals. Finance activities include raising funds, collection of cash flow data and information. A financial analyst prepares budgets for an optimal solution of business financial risks and uncertainties. They work for calculating company’s projects for more returns over investment.

financial analysts and accountants have strong mathmatical and analytical skills to make good decisions. Finance degree in Malaysia or elsewhere is a perfect choice. Students learn information about financial markets credit and loan, international finance, investments, capital markets, banking analysis, marketing and a lot more that are used in financial management.

Bachelor and Master of finance degree in Malaysia or elsewhere develop abilities to manage financial growth of a company/organization among students and protect them against financial risks. Besides corporate finance, graduates having finance degree in Malaysia or elsewhere find excellent job opportunities.

Finance degree in Malaysia or elsewhere help individuals in making various budgeting decisions. Various job opportunities are available for finance degree graduates that include jobs for financial planning for states, government agencies and public sector.

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