Career Opportunities for Accounting Graduates

Finance is a very important field to choose as a career and the key to enter into this field is accounting degree. Holders of accounting degree in Malaysia and elsewhere are highly demanded for various posts. There are few types of accounting degrees available as compared to other courses but countless job opportunities.

An accountant records financial transactions of the company and prepare financial statements. Their job is to perform cost analysis to analyze benefits or losses of different projects. This helps them to make business decisions. They examine and make their opinion on the financial records of business events. Moreover, they develop IT programs for better management of company’s finances, taxes and employee benefits packages. On the basis of these financial reports, business managers make decisions about company’s future financial activities.

Short courses are also available for students who want to get accounting related employment in the shortest possible time. These short courses involve book keeping and accounting as an area of concentration.

An Associate Degree in accounting usually takes two years to complete while Bachelor Degree is the program that opens doors for higher positions in the accounting field.

A Doctoral Degree in Accounting is another postgraduate course that takes years of intense study to complete. Degree of accounting in Malaysia or elsewhere is common in accounting profession. Few Job positions for accounting professionals are Audit Accountant, Budget Analyst, Financial Accountant, Management Accountant and Tax Accountant. Accounting is a rewarding career with high salary. Various levels of accounting jobs are available from basic entry level to high level that attract people to enter into the world of accounting.

There are many universities that offer accounting programs. Time availability and medium of instruction are common factors for a final choice. A wide variety of courses are available for accounting that is taught according to the program chosen. Some subjects include business math, applied science in accounting, managerial accounting, taxes, macroeconomics, communication skills, computer information and a lot more to manage financial data and functions.

HELP University of achievers also offers courses and various study programs including bachelor, master and associate level programs. There is no language barrier as English is the mode of instruction. If you want to get degree of accounting in Malaysia, get admission in this university.



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