5 Best Activities to Do In Penang

Penang offers plenty of attractions and adventure activities for travelers to spend a great and memorable time in Penang. Travelers choose their preferred travel package to experience the most favorable attractions in short span of time. There are many modern as well as cultural attractions, family friendly amusement parks and a lot more to enjoy. Majority of the travelers choose daytime activities that usually involves beach for sunbathing and swimming.

Read on to know some other daytime activities that will turn your Penang tour into a fun filled adventure and book your favorite travel package from a well known Penang tour agency.

Penang Hill Train:
Penang’s Hill train is one of the most iconic attractions that give some great views over Penang from 2750 ft above ground level. In 2010, this funicular train turned into an electric system.

Escape Adventure play:
This is one of the favorite adventures in Penang that consists of a pulley suspended on a stainless steel cable and tied between two trees on an incline, a free fall from 20 m height. This park remains open on a public holiday. If you visit with children, Escape adventure play is the perfect choice to enjoy.

Made in Penang Interactive Museum:
Most of the people think that museums are boring and old fashioned places with some art stuff. The Made in Penang Museum is full of fun for people of all ages and an exciting platform to view artwork. A portrait of the Penang Snake Temple gives an exciting opportunity to view artwork and allows visitors to take close interactive photos with them. Artists have used different colors in depicting arts in this museum that give a remarkable view while capturing those views in photos.

Adventure zone theme park:
With plenty of offerings for children as well as youngsters, there are more than 30 fun and adventure activities that are divided into three zones. One is special features section, other is kids section and the third one is toddler section, equipped with advanced equipments. There are series of slides that include Astra slide and double drop slide. These two slides are designed for children. A 24 ft big drop slight is perfect for all ages.

In the kids’ area, there are ladder climbs, swinging steps, pull up ramps and hurdles etc while in the toddler section, there are padded ramps, climb, and tumble towers.

East Wind Water sports:
Water sports offer a good array of seaside activities to float, sail, paddle and dive under or over the sea. Professionals available there offer safety first attitudes to keep visitors happy and safe.

Tourpackages” is a famous Penang tour agency in Malaysia that offers unique and amazing packages for its travelers. Whether you want to book hotels or information about famous attraction or a complete package, contact this Penang tour agency and choose your preferred package to make your trip memorable.



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