Penang Tour Package: Visit Beautiful Attractions of Penang

Penang is one of the beautiful states in Malaysia, where tourists visit from various parts of the world. Its capital, George Town with it’s extravagant beaches gives the tourist a terrific experience. There are many others worth visiting places and activities to do in Penang that make travelers experience outstanding.

Penang is full of culture and traditions of multiple nations. It is also known as food capital of Malaysia. In George Town, most of the people are Chinese and is also a veritable city for looking back into Penang’s past. There are various Indian and Chinese temples in the city and old fashioned little shops, hotels and some other urban facilities.

Penang national park is the newest park in Malaysia that is the most beautiful. Even though this park is not big but it has more than 40 species of birds. The park contains variety of biological species including the best hardwood trees. It is known as the one and only park where the Glem tree grows. This park also has a beautiful lake.

Vibrant seafront is a magnificent point of high-end cuisine and street food. Hawker stalls of foods are available here that delight the visitors at night. All non-halal and halal foods are easily found in this city. All types of healthy foods are available here. Even health conscious persons can find food of their choice here easily.

One of the five clan houses in Penang is Kho kongsi, which has immigrants from china. This small clan village has the same resemblance with popular Chinese legends and dragons as there are same types of house construction, decorated with carvings of dragons at the top of house. The grand hall has a collection of pillars that are designed by expert craftsmen from China.

People like to visit Penang due to its famous attractions that please visitors. They book Penang tour package to enjoy the pleasures of Penang. There are beaches, shopping malls, adventure spots and a lot more to enjoy. If you want to spend remarkable time with your family in Penang, book Penang tour package today.

Tourpackages” is a famous travel agency that offers various packages for visitors. You can choose your preferred Penang tour package to enjoy its famous attractions. Moreover, you can get the best guide from this agency about the famous attractions in Penang. A lot of packages are available for travelers. You can choose any of them that suits you the most.


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