Which Are The Best Places To Enjoy In Langkawi Travel?

Many people spend their holidays at some marvelous place. If you choose Langkawi travel, you should know that Malaysian transportation law is to drive on the left side of the road. If you are not used to left side driving, better is to hire a taxi. If you are familiar with left side driving, rent a car is also a good choice. Or you can hire a driver too for safe Langkawi travel while getting around the island.

If you have arranged a tour package with the hotel you will enjoy more as proper guidance will be provided to you to enjoy and travel around the langkawi. You can visit to Cenang beach where bicycles are also available for short distances to purchase anything from the roadside shops.

Island Attractions:

Most of the people plan for Langkawi travel for beaches. It’s the main feature that attracts visitors from all the nooks and corners of the world. Booze, cigarettes and confectionery are available here at very cheaper rates. You can also enjoy at the duty free complex “Zon” next to underwater world on the Cenang. For shopping, there are many malls around kuah where a wide variety of products are available.

The Oriental village:

It is a popular destination at Pentai Kok. There are Japanese houses and man-made cultural segment that is stunning with oriental inspired shops and restaurants.

There is a zoo that is a children’s favorite spot where thousands of rabbits and baby rabbits hop around. Children enjoy there a lot and purchase Pet feed to give them.

Cable car ride is another attraction in this oriental village that ride up the Gunung Mat Cincang. After reaching at the peak, you can enjoy the finest view of the vast ocean that surrounds the island.

The nightlife on Cenang is also vibrant that make your langkawi travel remarkable.  There are many seafood restaurants, bars, beach-bars, to enjoy delicious food. The beautiful moment of your langkawi travel on the beach is the scene of the sun set. People enjoy a lot that time and make photos to capture the beautiful moments of their trip.

If you are planning for langkawi travel, you can make bookings from “Tourpackages”. This is a famous travel agency in Malaysia that facilitates its customers in the best possible way.



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