Identify Individuals Using Fingerprint Biometric Devices for Enhanced Security

Security systems are getting rapid technological advancements in response to increasing number of criminal and fraudulent activities. Security measures like physical controls and CCTVs are no longer efficient to secure areas of inimical activities.

Biometric system uses human features such as iris, palm or fingerprint in Malaysia or elsewhere. It is a multipurpose system to identify individuals who intend to enter or leave a country.

Today, with the ultimate goals of getting profit and value, companies are paying attention to the use of biometric fingerprint identification over conventional security measures. It is an authentic procedure for verifying a match between two human fingerprints.

The authentication works by recognizing an algorithm with the scanned human fingerprint. A fingerprint sensor is used to scan a digital image of the fingerprint pattern. The digital image is processed for matching purposes.

Each individual own a different set of fingerprints that even do not match with fingerprint of other hand. Fingerprint identification technology provides enhanced levels of security for corporations. It is a great source to prevent security threats as only authorized personnel have authentication right to access highly restricted areas.

Conventional security measures such as physical locks and safes can be broken easily or safes can be opened with skills. Many people are unaware of this technology and still rely on guards and passwords to secure their building. The technology is used to secure an entire building or even a single room. It is even used to restrict access to company computers.

Biometric security systems and devices for fingerprint in Malaysia or elsewhere are used simply to confirm an employee’s identity that is important for every organization, especially large ones.

Governments around the world are already using the technology in their “e-passports”. Malaysian officials have said that a new biometric security system of facial and iris recognition will be implemented soon at every border checkpoint to enhance security and to tackle the issues of terrorism and illegal immigration.

There are many providers of fingerprint devices in Malaysia or elsewhere for biometric identification of individuals It is important to get these biometric products from a reliable and reputable company.

Yasminteknologi” is a famous company in Malaysia that provides quality products to its customers. If you are looking for a reliable company, you can contact them today.


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