Slipped Disc: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The disks are protective shock-absorbing pads between the bones of the spine. Slipped disc is referred to bulging, splitting or rupturing of the disc. Rupturing of disk cartilage and nearby tissues leads to protruding of jelly like substance. This protruding of jelly like substance put pressure on the spinal cord or an adjacent nerve and causes pain, numbness, or weakness around the damaged disc or affected nerve.

Causes of a slipped disc:
Risk factors that lead to a slipped disc are aging, improper lifting, twisting or turning that put strain on muscles, or excessive strain forces. Aging is associated with degeneration and loss of elasticity of the disks.

Symptoms of slipped disc:
A herniated disc can produce symptoms anywhere along the nerve in the form of pain or irritation at the spine. A slipped disc can produce varying degrees of pain in the back and neck along with numbness or weakness in the body parts such as arms and legs. Slipped discs in the neck cause numbness, tingling, weakness, pain in the shoulder, arm or hand. Moreover, pain increases with increase in neck motion.

  1. Numbness and tingling around the spine
  2. Pain with movement, coughing or straining
  3. Difficulty in bowel movements or bladder function
  4. Pain usually affects the back down towards leg from the buttocks to the knee. It is also called sciatica as it affects the sciatic nerve.

Slipped disc treatment:
Consult your doctor for neck or back pain that lasts for more than few days. Moreover, if you feel numbness, weakness, loss of bladder or bowel control, fever, or abdominal pain, Chiropractic doctor will suggest appropriate slipped disc treatment to get rid of acute pain.

Any serious injury such as fall from a height or serious accident that affects your spine should be evaluated at emergency department immediately to protect the spine from further damage. There are many health care providers all across the world. It is important to choose a reputable treatment center for safe and effective results.

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