What Is The Working Mechanism Of Biometric Fingerprint Identification System?

The Fingerprint is a unique characteristic of every individual that does not match with any other and remains same throughout your life. Every person has its unique prominent features called arches, loops and whorls. Advanced biometric devices are available in the form of fingerprint identification system to identify each person. A mathematical algorithm examines the pattern of light and dark lines and points. The biometric fingerprint identification system analyzes these minute ridge splits and endings.

The secured identification involved several original fingerprint scans that are manipulated by a biometric algorithm to make a template of the print that is stored on the biometric device. Thus, a biometric fingerprint identification system can accurately determine the identification. This is done to ensure 100 percent authenticity of the template that is being stored.

Today, the advancement in technology has introduced sophisticated biometric scanners that can accurately do fingerprint verification by looking at minutiae details and changes in the features of print’s arches, loops, and whorls. When a fingerprint is scanned with the help of biometric device, the results are generated in the form of gray patterns.

This gray scale pattern is processed using a complex biometric security program. This analysis finds the fingerprint ridges pattern. These specific images remain unaltered even when the fingerprint data is smudged, dirty or even distorted.

Once the template is stored, an authorized person can gain access to a secured area or device using fingerprint identity verification. Nowadays, biometric devices are used in door locks and in many general areas to allow access to only authorized people.

The working of a fingerprint identification system is carried out in two steps. First, it scans the fingerprint of the person by means of scanning machine to capture finger image. A wide variety of scanners are available in the market to cater these identification needs. In the second step, scanned fingerprint is matched with enrolled prints.

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