Penang Tour: Visit To Betel Nut Island

Penang is one of the best places to enjoy its religious shrines, majestic architecture, and world renowned food. Moreover, island of Penang is famous for its beaches where people enjoy and spend memorable time. On your Penang tour, you can find many attractions which are as follows:

Penang national park:
It is the newest park in Malaysia with a jungle and some trails as well as some beautiful beaches within its confines. The activities visitors can do in this park are trekking, hiking, boat ride, bird watching and mangrove tours.

Wat Buppharam:
It is the Buddhist temple that has religious characters of Buddhism as well as Taoism and Hinduism.

Penang Hill:
At the top of Georgetown, Penang hill offer a comfortable and cooler atmosphere. At the top of this hill, there is a Hindu temple, a mosque, and restaurant. You can enjoy delicious foods in wide variety

Penang Museum:
If you are interested in getting knowledge of rich history as well as its traditional festivals and cultures, visit to Penang museum. A lot of things are placed inside this museum that depicts its culture, heritage and history.

Some other places that you can visit in your Penang tour are:

Gurney Drive:
It is known as the food capital of Penang, where you can enjoy delicious cuisines. This restaurant provides 24 hours services and is also the best for health conscious individuals as healthy foods are available here. It offers you to make oil free meal selections.

Penang National park:
This park is a home of 46 species of birds, including great egrets, stork-billed kingfishers, and white breasted waterhens. Visitors can find six different types of habitat namely meromictic lake, coral reefs, mangroves, mudflats, wetlands, and turtle nesting beaches.

There is a lot more to enjoy in Penang. If you are planning to visit memorable place, Penang tour is the best choice as there are many things to see and enjoy there. You can have a pleasant experience as luxurious as well as affordable hotels are available there. On your Penang tour, you can choose a hotel according to your budget and can stay with comfort in it.

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