Looking For Useful Information To Get Benefit From Biometrics In Malaysia

Biometrics refers to the automatic identification of a person based on the anatomical and behavioral characteristics such as fingerprint, iris or signature. Use of Biometrics in Malaysia or elsewhere is rapidly growing due to ease of use and effectiveness in security.

Biometric systems have many benefits as compared to traditional identification systems. The fact is, biometric keys are unique to the individual. All the people have unique fingerprints, retinal patterns or voice patterns. Therefore, this system is safe, effective and reliable. Another big advantage is that there is no chance of forgetting the identification features while keys and cards can be stolen as well as forgotten. Your fingerprints or retinal patterns cannot be stolen.

Nowadays, the most popular biometrics system is finger print identification system. Fingerprints are a vital part of the identification process and are commonly used to identify government workers, soldiers, criminals and all the business staff.

Biometrics are divided into two major groups that are identification and verification. Verification is the common system that relies on a database of approved biometric signatures. In this system, biometric signature is presented with the database to verify the person’s identity. This system verifies that the person in question is in the approved database.

On the other hand, identification systems determine the exact identity of the person in question using an international database to determine their identity. These systems are more complex and less common.

Use of Biometrics in Malaysia or elsewhere has resulted in reduction in identity theft and crime. They are extremely cost effective and useful as well as bring efficiency.

Biometric security technology is becoming a part of our everyday life as all the government and private sectors are using them to make them safer from terrorism and identity fraud. Biometric technology is playing a significant role in the form of biometric door lock, fingerprint door locks, Biometric time attendance and biometric car security systems.

There are many companies that are providing biometrics products in Malaysia. “Yasminteknologi” is a famous company in Malaysia that is providing biometrics products to a number of customers. If you are looking for a professional company to get reliable products, choose “Yaminteknologi” and enjoy the benefits of biometrics in Malaysia.


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