Slipped Disc Causes, Effects And Treatment

The spinal column consists of 26 bones that are cushioned by discs. Job of discs is to protect the bones by absorbing the shocks from daily activities such as walking, lifting, and twisting.  An injury or weakness can cause a slipped or herniated disc that leads to pain and discomfort. It can also cause pinching of spinal nerves that leads to numbness and pain.

Herniated disc is very painful and need immediate slipped disc treatment for instant pain relief. Symptoms of a herniated disc include:

  1. Pain and numbness in the affected area
  2. Tingling, aching or burning sensations
  3. Pain that extends to arms or legs
  4. Muscle weakness

The types of pain vary from person to person as it can be due to various reasons. Below are the causes, effects and the best treatment to get rid of its pain.

Causes of slipped disc:

People when cross the age of 45 are more likely to have a bulging disc. When outer ring becomes weak or torn, it allows the inner portion of disc to slip out. Lifting a heavy object can put a great strain on the lower back that leads to herniated disc. People having job of lifting heavy weights can be at increased risk of slipped disc. Moreover, individuals who are obese are at increased risk for a herniated disc. In addition, weak muscles and a sedentary lifestyle also causes the same problem.

Effects of slipped disc:

Slipped disc can lead to nerve damage. In some rare cases, it may cause loss of bowel or bladder control. If the problem of bulging disc persists for long, it can compress nerves and leads to loss of sensation in inner thighs, the back of your legs and around your rectum.

Slipped disc treatment:

Many treatments for bulging disc are used to remove pain and to provide instant relief. The treatment depends on the level of discomfort and how far the disc has slipped out of place.

Chiropractic slipped disc treatment is quite beneficial in providing instant relief. It is important to choose a famous chiropractic care having a team of experts.

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