Does Obesity Lead To Low Back Pain?

Results of many studies confirmed the link between obesity and lower back pain. The study involved more than six thousands adults and researchers found in various studies that the risk of low back ache increases with body mass index. According to the research findings, the risk of ache in lower back among extremely obese adults is four times greater than among normal weight adults.

BMI is a number based on your weight and height. Higher the number means more fats. There are four categories of BMI:

  1. If BMI is less than 25, it means a person has normal weight
  2. If BMI is 25 to 30, it means a person is overweight
  3. If BMI is from 31 to 35, it means a person is obese
  4. If BMI is 36 or higher, it means a person is extremely obese.

The risk of low back ache among people of normal weight is 2.9%. Among overweight adults it is 5.2%, among obese adults, it is 7.7% and among extremely obese adults, it is 11.6%.

Lower back pain can vary from dull pain that develops gradually to sudden or sharp pain. Usually, it travels downward into the buttocks. It can be due to muscle strain caused by heavy physical labor, bending or twisting into awkward positions or standing in one position for long time.

Many treatments are used for low back pain treatment but chiropractic treatment has proved to produce effective results. Some other causes of this pain are nerve compression, sudden jerks or any other. Bulging disc also causes back ache that may be in the form of compressed nerve.

If you are facing muscle or joint pain, chiropractic treatment is the right choice. People in all over the world are getting low back pain treatment through chiropractors. There are many chiropractic care centers that are providing treatments for back ache.

“Alpha-Chiropractic” is a famous chiropractic center in Singapore that is providing excellent services to the patients having joint and muscle problems. If you are looking for expert chiropractors, you can contact them as they have a team of experts and are providing treatments to a number of patients. They have enough skills and experience and thousands of people have taken benefits from them.


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