Which Career Options Are Available With A Computer Science Degree?

With the passage of time, use of computer and technology has become a part of our professional, personal and academic lives. The increase in its use also opens more career opportunities for the degree holders of computer science. A computer science degree can open a world of exciting career opportunities for graduates. Whether it is programming, network administration, game development, mobile technologies, or any other, you can get job opportunities in any of these fields. Not only this, there are many other areas where you can get good jobs. Some of the famous career opportunities that a computer science degree holder in Malaysia or elsewhere can get are as under:

Software developer:

Software developers develop computer programs to complete specific tasks. Those computer programs are developed according to the needs of users to meet their business demands. They are also responsible for software maintenance, upgrades and improvements to existing programs. Moreover, they also fix the bugs in the software when they arise.

Software developers get jobs in software houses; IT services firms, computer and other electronic manufacturers.

Computer programmer:

Computer programmers convert the design into a logical series of instructions that a computer is able to follow. Programmers use programming languages to write this code. Job opportunities are available for them for updating, expanding, and debugging existing programs.

Jobs of software developments for mobile apps, business, video games, education, operating systems and more are available for a computer science degree holder in Malaysia or elsewhere.

Web developer:

Computer science graduates also get employment opportunities as a web developer. A web developer develops websites according to client needs. Moreover, they also maintain and modify them as per demands. They understand the client’s requirements and then create a website using text, graphics, animations, videos etc. A professional developer develops a website keeping in mind its user friendliness with easy navigation system and performance.

Database Administrator:

Database administrators manage computer databases. Moreover, they also protect the data from unauthorized access and create backup to prevent data loss in situations like power outages or other emergencies.

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