What Are The Prospects Of Jobs In Hotel And Hospitality Management?

The world has become a global village and people travel frequently for business purpose, family matters or for spending holidays. No matter, what the reason is, people need to stay in hotels. There are number of hotels available all over the world that requires professionals having diploma in hotel management and hospitality management.

As there are many job opportunities in this industry, the type of job and its requirement varies depending on the size of industry or business. Job opportunities are available at both small and big levels. Universities not only offer diploma but also bachelors and master degree in hotel management. The type of job opportunity also depends on the level of your degree. The greater the responsibility, the greater will be the stress and workload.

Hotel manager and hospitality manager are responsible to manage the hotel for its day to day businesses. Both have to perform their duties and improve the hotel’s image. Here are some of the responsibilities of hotel managers:

  • Respond to the complaints and problems of customers and guests.
  • Assist the finance department in preparing annual or monthly budget.
  • Manage all hotel services like reception, customer care, and accommodation.
  • Monitor the whole staff including department of accommodation, catering and customer care department to ensure that customers are getting excellent services.
  • Develop and maintain business relations with travel agencies, food suppliers, and other related persons.

After getting degree in hotel management, you can get a variety of job opportunities that include office manager, food and beverage manager, and more.

  • Office manager is responsible for reservations and reception matters.
  • Food and beverage manager deals with food and drinks department of the hotel.

There are many universities in Malaysia that are offering number of courses for its local and foreigner students. If you get studies in hospitality from a well recognized university, you will be valued more by the employers and have more chances of getting good job opportunities.

HELP College of Arts and Technology in Malaysia is also offering diploma in hotel management that is a famous university in providing high quality education. You can get admission in this university to get a valuable degree.


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