Famous foods and drinks of Singapore

Singapore is a famous travel destination to spend holidays. People prefer to visit by bus from Genting to Singapore for various purposes. The best mode of transportation is taking a bus from Genting to Singapore as bus transport is the best way to visit Singapore from the nearby countries. Buses are advanced and improved infrastructure has made bus transport the most preferred choice of travelers. Singapore is a lovely country in South East Asia. It is popularly known as shopping and food heaven. If you are a food lover, you will love Singapore. The reason is Singapore is a multi cultural country with diversity in food. There are a lot of dishes that are famous in Singapore.

Here are some foods and drinks that you must try when you visit Singapore:

Chili Crab:

Chili crab is a delicious seafood that you must eat in Singapore. These crabs are cooked with spicy chili and egg gravy. If you are a sea food lover, you should eat this delicious food.


Laksa is a famous dish that people love to eat. This dish consists of rice noodles cooked in spicy coconut gravy with chicken meat. People enjoy this dish along with its complete ingredients and sauces.

Chicken rice:

Chicken rice is the most popular dish in Singapore that is served with steamed roasted chicken and garlic rice.

Singapore Sling:

This is a famous cocktail in Singapore. It contains gin, cherry brandy and Benedictine. It is available at most of the bars in Singapore.


The Satay is a delicious food served with peanut sauce that is loved by Singaporeans.

Indian Rojak:

Rojak is a famous dish prepared by Chinese and Indians. You can enjoy this dish that consists of bean curds, vegetables, fried dough and seafood.

Ice Kacang:

It is a famous dessert that is liked by Singaporeans. It contains a base of jelly, corn, red beans, attap seeds and ice along with colored sugar syrup and condensed milk.

If you want to spend your holidays at some memorable place, visit by bus from Genting to Singapore and enjoy its famous attractions and foods. Singapore is famous for its attractions. Moreover, many people also visit by bus from Genting for business meetings. If you want to visit Singapore, you can book bus ticket online. Just visit the website and choose the option of online bus ticket booking. Now, the advanced online booking system has made your traveling easier than before.


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