Screen Printing Shirts

Screen printing is an easy method of applying a given design to a desired garment.  Silk printing has become very popular on materials and garments. There is a great demand of silk printing services, especially on T shirts that are a popular and commonly worn garment. This method is used in textile industry for decorating shirts and making them more appealing. Many businesses make use of silk printing services to get more attractive T shirts for their employees that is an important way to promote your brand and to have a professional image.

Many companies supply shirts and T shirts with screen printing for the purpose of advertising their products. Screen printing shirts employs a method of copying your preferred design onto a garment with the use of specialized inks. Screen printing involves stencil printing method. First of all, a fine silk is stretched over a wooden or metal frame and then using steel wire gauze or plastic screens, designs are applied with a greasy medium like ink or paint. After that water soluble gum is applied on the surface, which closes the pores of the silk. The greasy material rejects the gum which is washed away with a solvent such as turpentine. The screen is used to decorate the surface. Ink is applied to the screen; as a result, the design is printed onto the surface.

Today, there are many specialized companies that are providing screen printing services to the potential customers. These companies are providing customized T shirts in lots of designs and styles. Screen printing is the best way to make a good looking wear without spending a lot of money.

The need is to choose a professional company for screen printing to get the high quality services. There are a lot of companies that are providing screen printing services but a professional company can provide unique and remarkable services.

Orensport is a popular company in Malaysia with experts, providing qualkity silk printing services. The qualities that set them apart from others is the high quality work and on time delivery. If you are looking for a professional company to get these services, you can contact


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