New Trend Of Overseas Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is perhaps the most important day of your life and couples want to capture the beautiful memories of this special day by a professional photographer. The photographs can be categorized into three parts morning, afternoon and evening. The morning photographs usually consist of the pre wedding preparations such as the bride getting dressed and putting her makeup and group shots with the bridesmaids. In the afternoon, the big ceremony of wedding starts and photographer captures the beautiful moments of the wedding ceremony. In the afternoon, photographer takes informal photos of the happy couple.

In Singapore, china, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, greater importance is given to the pre wedding photography rather than actual wedding day. Pre wedding photographs are often taken weeks and months in advance. Couple chooses the beautiful gowns and suits and after getting ready by a makeup artist the couple will be taken by the photographer for pre wedding photo shoot at some dazzling location.

There are many famous places for wedding photography in Singapore and Malaysia. People from the nearby countries visit Singapore for wedding photography due to amazing attractions best suited for pre wedding photography.

Destination wedding photography is a recent trend, gaining popularity in Asia. Moreover, pre wedding photography in Singapore is also very popular there. Couples want to go overseas for their pre wedding photography. Many couples from Malaysia and nearby countries visit Singapore for their pre wedding photography.

The most important thing to consider for best photography results is to choose a professional photographer. There are many things to consider before hiring them. The wedding photographer must be professional with a lot of experience. An experienced photographer can guide you well about the best styles of wedding photography.

There are many destinations in Singapore for wedding photography that couple can choose according to their preference. It may be any beautiful garden, watery place or any other. There are numerous places specific for pre wedding photography in Singapore and couples get amazing results in their outdoor photo shoot.

If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Singapore, contact “Raygan Photography” they have a team of professional wedding photographers. For both pre wedding and wedding photography.


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