Malacca Town: Things You Need To Know

Malacca town has several top tourists attractions such as Dutch Square, Christ Church, Stadhuys, St Paul’s Church, Clock Tower, and A Farmosa. Visitors often visit by bus from Singapore to Malacca to enjoy its famous places.

Dutch Square:

Dutch square is famous as the red square among locals as its building is painted with red paint that is eye catchy. This is a popular belief that Dutch painted it red. In fact, the buildings were actually built with open faced bricks that began leaking later on. To repair it, Dutch covered them with plaster and did a white paint. Later, British painted them Salmon Pink, and now Malacca town council painted them with the red.

There are certain theories famous for the red painted Dutch square. Some says that they are painted red to copy the red brick stone houses in Holland due to the love with their homeland. Some other says that British wanted to separate British buildings from Dutch buildings, that is why they painted them red. Many history lovers visit by bus from Singapore to Malacca and enjoy its historic places.

Chinese couples in Malaysia use the Dutch square as a back ground for their wedding photos because red color attracts the new couples. In Chinese culture, red symbolizes prosperity.


Christ Church:

Christ Church is the oldest and famous church in Malaysia. Its architecture is like conventional Dutch church having massive walls, red granite blocks, and Dutch roof tiles. It was built to provide a place of worship for the Dutch.


Near the Christ church is the Stadthuys that was built in 1650 after the Dutch captured Malacca from the Portuguese. The Stadthuys is believed to be the oldest building in the East. Many important decisions that affected the history of Malaysia were made in this building.

The Stadhuys is the perfect place to learn about the historic city of Malacca. Many visitors interested in history visit by bus from Singapore to Malacca to get the knowledge about history of Malacca.

The easiest and safe mode to travel is bus travel.  People prefer to take a bus from Singapore to Malacca due to improved infrastructure and advanced buses. If you are planning to visit Malacca, book your tickets online without any fatigue through our website and have a safe journey by bus.


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