Enjoy Your Visit to Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Visitors from all across the globe visit Malaysia to have some memorable time with their family. This article is focusing on the attractions of Johor Bahru to guide the people who want to visit there for shopping and entertainment. Many visitors select Johor Bahru for shopping and entertainment as there are many attractive places that can make your time memorable. In Johor Bahru, there are big shopping malls that are also having entertainment facilities under one roof.

The paradigm shopping mall in Johor Bahru, Malaysia is an example of the amazing shopping mall. There are all types of local and international products. All types of men and women variety are available in this big shopping mall of Johor Bahru. Other than shopping, visitors can enjoy delicious meals at its famous restaurants. Moreover, hotels are also there for accommodation. You can stay there with your family and can visit various attractive places in Johor Bahru.

There is an ice skating rink in the paradigm shopping mall of Johor Bahru, where visitors enjoy a lot. Ice Skating is an entertainment facility, and a sort of physical exercise that attracts a large number of visitors towards this shopping mall of Johor Bahru.

While staying in the hotels of the paradigm shopping mall, you can visit the attractive places of Johor Bahru too.

Johor Zoo:
Johor zoo is said to be the first zoo in Asia, where there is a collection of a wide variety of animals. It is a family friendly destination, where families with small kids mostly visit as this is an ideal place for the children’s entertainment.

Johor Art Gallery:
The art collection in the Johor Art Gallery exhibits a fascinating glimpse into Malay culture. There is a huge collection of ancient weapons, currency, clothing, ceramics, calligraphy and artwork that are quite interesting. The building has colonial influences in its design and architecture that depicts the

Malay culture.
Hutan Bandar Recreational Park:
This park is amazing, where children can enjoy recreational activities. There are jogging tracks, a big playground, an outdoor swimming pool and lush greenery that visitors enjoy.

If you are planning to visit Johor Bahru, take a bus as bus journey is safe and comfortable to visit Johor Bahru and enjoy shopping and entertainment facilities available here.


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