Treatment For Slipped Disc

A slipped disc is a common cause of low back pain that frightened people as they assume that surgery may be indicated. In fact, all slipped discs can be treated with appropriate advice, exercises and chiropractic treatment.

The discs are just like shock absorbers that assist in movement between the bony vertebrae of the spine. Bending or twisting of a body involves a lot of stress on the spine and discs. The discs contain a jelly like substance that assist in a smooth movement. With too much stress, the outer layer of the disc becomes weak as a result, the jelly like substance start to protrude outwards.

This protrusion leads to inflammation of the stress area as a result, it causes pain. If the inflammation is significant, you need to have a check up by an expert chiropractor who have specialization in slipped disc treatment and have enough expertise to get rid of chronic pain. They also recommend some exercises to reduce the bulging disc back to its original position.

A simple exercise for it is simply lying on the stomach by putting a pillow underneath the belly. Repeat this practice for a few minutes after every hour or so. If any exercise makes the pain worse, stop doing it further. Chiropractic slipped disc treatment helps in eliminating pain successfully through hand manipulation, exercises, and physiotherapies.

One of the major causes of slipped disc is accident which can cause horrible back pain. As soon as you get a correct diagnosis, you can get suitable slipped disc treatment through expert chiropractors. Understanding the degree of disc protrusion at right time can help more to get rid of chronic pain.

A chiropractor with the help of physiotherapies and various other ways can decrease the swelling and inflammation of soft tissues, which reduce pain and promotes healing.

At initial stages, regularly visit the doctor and after doctor’s advice, do icing at home periodically and have a right posture to support lower back. Use a comfortable chair and keep the right posture to avoid pressure on the lower back as further pressure can lead to serious problems.

Taking great care of yourself is one basic factor to recover from chronic pain and is an important part of slipped disc treatment as it encourages the body to heal. Furthermore, take proper exercise according to doctor’s recommendations and have regular checkups to get rid of problem as soon as possible.


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