Best Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Locations In Singapore

Magnificent gardens, historical sites, modern landscapes and a lot more, there are many amazing locations for pre wedding photography in Singapore. Singapore is the famous place for photography as there are a wide variety of beautiful places whatever taste and style you want for your wedding photos.

Henderson Waves:
With the ravishing architecture of the Henderson Bridge, your pre wedding photo shoot will have a sophisticated style in your photographs. The stunning curves of this bridge add some artistic values to your photographs. The greenery behind this bridge gives a more stunning look to your photographs.

During the night time, LED lights give a very good photography experience as the lights are switched on and constantly change their color. If you schedule your photo shoot at 7 pm, you can have photographs in the evening when sun romantically sets.

Singapore Flyer:
For a luxurious and glamorous touch to your pre wedding photo shoot, Singapore flyer is the great location. Singapore Flyer can be used as a backdrop for your pre wedding photography in Singapore.

Hort Park:
At Hort Park, there are 21 different themed gardens which give a lively and joyful touch to your pictures.

For classic pre wedding photography in Singapore, Silver garden is the perfect place as it has only silver, gray and white plants bloom. For the photo shoot at some colorful collection of plants, enchanting garden of seasons is the right choice.

Labrador Park:
The Labrador Park has a lot of green flora and fauna and an astonishing view of the sea. For history lovers, this place is the perfect choice.

Upper Seletor Reservoir:
This location is perfect for a picnic themed photo shoot. You can have a fun time here. Other than this reservoir, Mandai Orchid Garden, Singapore zoo and Night Safari are also located near the reservoir where you can have pre wedding photo shoot.

Marina Bay Area:
The Marina Bay Area gives a classic and luxurious style to your pre wedding photographs. The architectural designs of buildings, national museum, Anderson Bridge can add a romantic feel to your pre wedding photographs.

Other than beautiful locations, having a professional pre wedding photographer is of huge significance to have stunning photographs.


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